fredag 11. desember 2009

Night Sky Observation 5

This is my 5th night ksy obervation, at around 10 at night on 11/12/09.
I've always been looking at the stars from just my balcony, but today I decided to look from the backyard as well. It was much darker there with so many more stars, I should've done that earlier!
From the balcony, I saw Mars, the Big Dipper, and the North Star.
From the backyard, I saw Cassiopea, and used that to find Cepheus and the legs of Pegasus ( trees were blocking the view so I couldn't see the rest). Cepheus is a constellation named Cepheus, the king of Aethiopia in greek mythology. Pegasus is a unicorn-like horse, except that it has wings and can fly instead of having a horn.
From today, I'm going to observe from my backyard too.

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