mandag 7. desember 2009

Night Sky Observation 2

I observed the night sky again tonight,7th Dec., at around 8:30. There was no moon today, and maybe because of that, I saw a lot more stars today. I didn't really see any planets, it was hard to distinguish because the moon wasn't out. I found a very bright star in the middle of the sky, in an unknown constellation. I looked it up on the star chart, and it was this star called "Capella", which was part of this constellation called "Auriga". Capella is the 6th brightest star in the night sky! I also found the big dipper, and followed it to find the North Star. I also tried to look for other constellations, but it was hard to see from where I was observing (my balcony).
Tomorrow I'd like to find Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky!

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