søndag 6. desember 2009

Night Sky Diary Observation 1!

So, this is my first observation of the night sky, on 5/12/09 (it took some time building the telescope). I had a hard time looking through the telescope, because it was blurry without the barlow lenses but very small with them. I just stuck with the normal lenses and began looking through the night sky. I couldn't really see so many stars, because I live in Byaasen, and the lights from downtown probably drowned some of them out. But I could see the moon, all big and yellow, pretty close to the equator, even though it was 9 at night. It was blurry, and clouds were covering it. However, I could see the craters of the moon clearly. Also, I saw this shining star close to it, a little above the moon. It was very visible though so close to the moon, and it was reddish in color, so I'm guessing that it was Mars. It wasn't Venus, though that's also very bright, because it was too late into the night to see it. I couldn't see any other planets, or didn't notice them. I saw a few stars too, some from Orion's belt.
I observed this around 9:00-9:20.

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